Sundown Restaurant Boracay Philippines

Sundown Restaurant in Boracay Philippines is a fine-dining establishment close to the beach that offers a unique dining experience. Located in a secluded area of the island, the restaurant is surrounded by lush gardens and pristine white sand beaches, offering a private and romantic atmosphere. The restaurant prides itself on its exquisite cuisine, boasting a menu of traditional, modern Filipino and international dishes. The dishes, prepared with the freshest of ingredients, range from succulent seafood and savory meats to delicate salads and delectable desserts.

The restaurant’s interior is decorated in a contemporary style, with a mixture of modern and traditional decor. The open-plan layout creates a relaxed and casual atmosphere, perfect for intimate gatherings or family celebrations. The restaurant also has an outdoor seating area, where guests can enjoy the stunning views of the beach and lush gardens.

The service at Sundown Restaurant is excellent. The friendly staff are knowledgeable and attentive, making sure that all guests’ needs are met. They are always happy to provide recommendations on dishes, wine pairings, and other special requests. The restaurant also offers a variety of packages and specials, such as special menus for family dinners, romantic dinners, and more.

Sundown Restaurant is the perfect place for a special night out. From its delicious cuisine to its stunning views, the restaurant offers a memorable and unique dining experience. With its attentive staff and excellent service, Sundown Restaurant is sure to make any special occasion truly extraordinary.

On the following subpages you will find our varied menu, our drinks and a small picture gallery.

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