PADI Diving Boracay in the Philippines

PADI diving Boracay Philippines is one of the most desirable diving spots in the Philippines. The crystal-clear waters, spectacular corals and vibrant marine life make it a must-see for any avid diver. The waters of Boracay are abundant with diverse landscapes from sea mounts, sandy slopes, and coral gardens. From the shallow reefs to the deep sea walls, divers of all levels will find something to explore.

The visibility in Boracay is excellent and the water temperature is comfortable throughout the year. Colorful coral gardens, vibrant schooling fish, and large sea turtles are just some of the wildlife that can be seen when diving in Boracay. Marine life such as seahorses, manta rays, and whale sharks can also be spotted at certain times of the year.

Boracay is home to a number of dive sites that cater to divers of all levels. From the shallow depths of the house reef to the 30-meter walls, the selection of dive sites is excellent. For the more advanced divers, the wall and drift dives are especially rewarding with the chance to spot some of the larger marine life.

The dive sites of Boracay are well-maintained and the staff at the dive centers offer exceptional service. With a wide range of rental equipment and experienced instructors, it’s easy to get set up for a memorable diving experience.

Overall, PADI diving Boracay Philippines is an excellent destination for divers of all levels. From the shallow reefs to the deep walls, the selection of dive sites is second to none. With its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life, Boracay is a must-see for any diver.

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PADI SCUBA Diving Boracay Philippines

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Dive Sites

Here is a small overview of the dive sites in Boracay.

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